From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 7:45 PM
To: Eyman, Carol
Subject: FW: Minutes to NPL Friends Meeting, December 11, 2006



From: Marjorie Morse []
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 2:57 PM
To: Marjorie Morse
Subject: Minutes to NPL Friends Meeting, December 11, 2006


NPL Friends Meeting

December 11, 2006




Carole Barker

Martha Barrett

Ken Batemen

Judy Blachek

Tina Donovan

Carol Eyman

Marjorie Morse


Minutes from November Meeting: Approved


Treasurer’s Report: Approved. Current balance is $8882.78.


Membership Report: Approved. Current total is 84.


Director’s Report: Carol Eyman


·         Parking raffle – 207 people participated in November and another winner was selected.

·         Library is interviewing for Assistant Director position.

·         The Nashua Experience book, originally published in 1978 and written by Florence Shephard, a former reference librarian, and Robert Frost, former Asst. Director, among others, is being updated. The proceeds have been put aside for 30 years.

·         The library has either recently purchased or received the following:

o        30-40 books purchased written in Hindi, an Indian language

o        A large print keyboard

o        A magnifying machine (donated)

o        Flat bed scanner (though trust funds)

·         During the Holiday Stroll about 2800 people came into the library over the course of night to see several children’s programs.

·         The new library event calendar is available.

·         The 2007 “Nashua Reads” book is being announced at the aldermanic meeting: Zoro by Isabel Allende; library will get 50 copies




Cards, Tote Bags, Nashua Then and Now – sales have picked up a bit. Judy suggested we give 100 cards to the library staff and 100 to the trustees to use as thank-you notes. We all agreed.


Membership renewal note – send early in January.


Art auction – Ken and Judy met with Trustees last week; they will contribute money as sponsorship for the auction. When we start soliciting other sponsors, we should be careful not solicit sponsors who are already giving to the library. The Trustees suggested the Abbott Spaulding House as a possible venue. Another option is the Mill Yard galleries. Mari has raised $250 from the Boys and Girls Club. Potential date for auction is May 31.


Nonprofit book giveaway – had 5 groups participate (not as many as we expected). We received a nice thank-you note from the Friendship Club.


Daily sales – going very well.


Financial Requests

From Bruce Marks: $950.00 for license fees for major movies; $180 supplemental – total of $1130. Needs to be paid by February sometime.  APPROVED.


Karen Beaver put in a request for museum passes. We agreed to table the discussion until we get clarification on a few questions. Carol will ask Karen for a year’s report of what requests may be coming up. Also, find out where funding came from last year, the name of the pass, how much, when it is due, has it had a corporate sponsor in the past, is that sponsor expected to contribute in the future, how many passes are involved, etc.


Infrastructure update

Tax-free status – Ken and Judy reviewed the by-laws; Judy needs to tie up few things with Joe Dionne and one other contact; need to finish by March 1.




Judy and Marjorie went to the Rotary lunch and received a check for museum passes.


Action Items


Carol Eyman

Get clarification on museum pass request from Karen Beaver.

Judy Blachek

Finish up by-laws.

Contact DesignWares to see how cards and totes are selling.

Write membership letter and send to list.

Marjorie Morse

Fine-tune membership spreadsheet;

assist with letter and mailing.

Send around thank you note from Friendship Club.

Valerie Fletcher

Ask Marilene Sawaf if she will donate a small picture to raffle .

Joe Dionne

Get list from Trustees of sponsors who are already donating to the library.