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Reference Collection

The reference department maintains a large collection of up-to-date reference materials on just about every topic. Whether you are looking for general encyclopedias, foreign language dictionaries, investment newsletters, or literary criticism, we probably have what you need.


Some of the more frequently used items include...

  • Atlases
  • Dictionaries, (English and many other languages)
  • Encyclopedias
    • General Encyclopedias
      • Encyclopedia Britannica
      • World Book Encyclopedia
    • Medical Encyclopedias
      • Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
      • Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
    • Science and Technology Encyclopedias
  • Educational Resources
    • Guides to Colleges and Universities
    • Scholarship Resources
      • Scholarship Handbook
      • College Money Handbook
  • Immigration Resources
    • Becoming a citizen / Margaret C. Jasper.
    • U.S. citizenship : a step-by-step guide / by Felice Devine.
  • Legal Resources
    • New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated
    • Family Law Guides
  • U.S. History Resources
    • World War I and II
    • Civil War
  • Literarary Criticism Resources
    • Contemporary Literary Criticism
    • Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
    • 19th Century Literary Criticism

We also maintain the Hunt Room's collection of historical and genealogical materials, and many digitized photographs and other materials.