Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policies and Procedures

All of our meeting rooms may be booked online. If you have any questions about the rooms, policies or reservation procedures, call 589-4603.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Library programs and activities have absolute priority overall other uses and are not covered under these policies and procedures.

Eligibility for community rooms: Large Meeting, Room, Activity Room, Conference Room, and Theater

These meeting rooms at the Nashua Public Library are available free of charge to any non-profit or
governmental entities for meetings or programs of an educational, cultural, charitable or civic nature during library hours. Profit-making entities are not permitted to use these meeting rooms. Programs involving the sale, advertising or promotion of commercial products or services, or programs sponsored by a business firm are prohibited even if they are free and open to the public. This includes groups offering free introductory lectures prior to a paid course of instruction. Nonprofit groups may engage a speaker from a business as long as the speaker and the nonprofit group do not sell, advertise, or promote commercial products or services during their program/meeting.

Eligibility for Medium Meeting, Small Meeting #1 and Small Meeting #2:

These rooms are available for use by small groups and individuals regardless of whether they are for-profit or nonprofit. The rooms can be reserved up to 7 days in advance: groups or individuals using the study rooms are limited to 2 hours per day.

Meeting Room Policies:

Groups using our meeting spaces agree to follow the following rules. Exceptions to these can only be made by the Library Administration (Director or Assistant Director).

  • Groups/Individuals will adhere to the Library Code of Conduct which is available online and in the Administration office.
  • Food is not allowed in the library’s meeting rooms except in the Activity Room and Theater
  • Drinks with a secure cover are permitted in all of the library’s meeting rooms.
  • Payment of dues, admission fees or donations as a condition of attending a meeting is prohibited. All activities must be confined to the meeting room. Approaching library customers for the purpose of encouraging participation in the group’s activities is prohibited. Fliers, brochures or other printed information should remain in the meeting room.
  • Permission to use a library meeting room does not constitute endorsement of a group’s philosophy or objectives by the Nashua Public Library. Advertisements and posters for meetings or programs must not state or imply that an event is endorsed or sponsored by the library. All such posters or flyers are subject to review by the library administration and must be submitted to the Chandler Wing desk to be approved and posted on the library’s bulletin boards by library staff.
  • No signs are permitted on the library grounds except up to two directional signs with the name of the meeting and location may be hung in the building. Such signs must be typed and must be removed at the end of the meeting.
  • Any damage to or loss of library property resulting from a meeting or program will be the responsibility of the organization that booked the room.
  • Groups are responsible for setting up chairs and tables if necessary and returning them to their original location after the meeting.
  • All meeting rooms should be left in a clean and orderly condition. If food is served the group must sweep or vacuum the floor and wipe down all tables and counters after the meeting.
  • Internet access is available in all of the meeting and study rooms.
  • Printing to our public printers is available from anywhere in the building. Charges do apply.
  • If, in the opinion of the library Director, the presence of a police officer is necessary or advisable the group using the library meeting space will hire one or more at their own expense.
  • The library reserves the right to relocate a group to a space more suitable to their size and activities
  • In case of circumstances beyond our control (e.g., inclement weather or loss of power) the library
    reserves the right to cancel any meeting, event or program.
  • Reserving a meeting room will be considered a group’s understanding of, and agreement to follow these rules and regulations.
  • Reservations may be forfeited if a group/ individual does not arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation start time. The library should be informed of cancellations as soon as possible.

Equipment policies:

  • The podium is available for use by any non-profit group using one of our meeting rooms.
  • The projector and sound system in the theater are available for use by any group who has reserved that room; connecting cables and instruction for use are available at the Chandler Desk.
  • The large screen monitors in the meeting rooms are available for use by any group who has reserved our rooms; connecting cables and instruction for use are available at the Chandler Desk.
  • Whiteboards are available for use by anyone using our rooms.
  • Use of the stage is reserved for library or Friends of the Library events
  • Use of the portable BOSE sound system is reserved for library or Friends of the Library events.
  • The piano is reserved for use for library and Friends of the Library events, and events hosted by non-profit music schools or groups

ADOPTED by the Board of Library Trustees 06/06/2023