Puzzle Exchange

stacks of puzzles on a white shelf

Love puzzles? Don't buy new ones! Swap them out at our Puzzle Exchange shelf. 

Located on the library's lower level in the Chandler Wing, our permanent Puzzle Exchange is a simple concept: take one, leave one!

Don't have a puzzle to leave? That's okay! Feel free to take a puzzle and return it when you're done. 

All of the puzzles in the exchange are donated by community members. Puzzles of all types and for all ages are welcome. The library does not ensure the quality or quantity of puzzles in the exchange.

Community Puzzle Table

community puzzle tableThe Chandler Wing also houses a community puzzle table. Don't have space for a puzzle or want to sit down and work on one without the commitment? Stop by the puzzle table anytime the library is open.

The puzzle table is ergonomic and features: 

  • Multiangle tiltable desktop 
  • Adjustable table height 
  • Magnetic drawers for easy sorting