Materials Selection Policy

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on September 1, 2020

Materials are selected for inclusion in the library’s collections based on the principles expressed
by the Mission and Value statements of the Nashua Public Library, the American Library
Association’s (ALA) Library Bill of Rights
and the ALA’s Freedom to Read Statement.

Under the supervision of the Library Director and Assistant Director our team of selectors
expend available funds to build a collection of books and other materials in a variety of formats
and languages that represents the broad range of interests, viewpoints, belief systems and
cultural values embodied in the Nashua community. No materials are excluded or removed
from the Library on the basis of the author’s race or nationality or their political,
social or religious beliefs. Materials dealing with controversial views are judged as
entire works, not on isolated passages or sections.

  • Assistant Director assigns collection responsibilities to qualified staff members.
  • Selection assignments are rotated regularly to insure that no individual exerts undue
    influence over the content of the collection
  • Books and materials are chosen for our collection based upon the following criteria:
    • Public interest or demand
    • Reviews in a professional source that evaluate quality of content, accuracy and
    • Awards granted
    • Points of view not currently represented in the collection
    • Current or historical significance of the author or subject
    • Suitability of format to Library circulation and use
    • Date of publication
    • Price and availability
    • Available shelf space, which may influence decisions regarding the format
  • Customers may suggest that the library purchase items the Library does not already
    own. Each request is reviewed and selectors are encouraged to purchase items
    suggested by customers when those materials meet our established criteria.
  • Materials will be discarded from the collection at regular intervals when they have low
    circulation, are in poor condition, are no longer accurate or have been superseded by
    other materials or formats.
  • NPL cardholders who wish to request that an item be removed from our collection or
    moved to a different area may do so by completing the Request for Reconsideration
    form, which is available on our website or at the Information Services desk at the