Calling all poets and poetry lovers!

DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date.

The Nashua Public Library is excited to partner with Black Heritage Trail NH for a virtual winter poetry series, “Black Matter Is Life:  Poetry for Engagement and Overcoming.”  The third event in the series, on January 21 at 5 pm, will include a poem written by community members in Greater Nashua.

Join this conversation about how African American poetry sheds light on our nation’s past and present, and on how we might imagine our nation’s future. The series is hosted by UNH Professors Dennis Britton and Reginald Willard. The theme of the January 21 event is “Love, Love, Love.”

Submit your poetry

Greater Nashua poets and poetry lovers are invited to write poems in response to this theme and to the poems to be discussed on January 21 and submit them to the library by January 13. One of the Greater Nashua poems will be read at the January 21 event. Collaboratively written (group authored) poems are welcome. We suggest about 12 lines.

For more information on submitting poems, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.  When you are ready to submit your poem, click here. If you would like to see the poems that have been submitted, click here.

What to do before attending a poetry conversation

Since poetry is meant to be read and pondered, we encourage you to read the poems and check out the study guide in advance of the January 21 discussion.

FAQ: Submitting poetry

What are the poems and theme we should address in our poems?

The theme for the January 21 discussion is “Love, Love, Love.” The poems to be discussed that night are:

Who can submit a poem?

Any Greater Nashua individual, group, or organization is welcome to submit a poem. Groups must choose a contact person and single email, but the other names can be entered as well.

How long should the poem be?

We suggest about 12 lines.

How do I submit my poem?

Go here to enter your poem.

What if I want to change my poem or delete it after submitting it?

To change or delete the poem you submitted, contact Carol Eyman at or 603-589-4610.

Can I see my poem, and others that have been submitted online?

Yes, click here to view your poem and others that have been submitted.

What information about the author(s) is made public when we submit poems?

You name(s) and your poem are visible. We do not display any email addresses.

Can I submit more than one poem?

Yes–within reason—you can submit more than one poem.

 How will the poem that is read on January 21 be selected?

Poet Mimi White of Rye, NH, a BHTNH volunteer will work with others from the Nashua area to select the poem. If you are interested in helping, contact Mimi at

 What is the deadline for submitting poems?

The deadline for submitting a poem for the January 21 event is January 13 at 5 pm.