Celebration of Color

DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date.

Debbie Auclair of Nashua is the featured artist at the Nashua Public Library gallery this December 2018. Her exhibit, “Celebration of Color” is a collection of abstract paintings that evoke the feelings of beauty, joy, and healing experienced in nature. Recently, her painting “Peaks & Valley” won a first place award at Beaver Brook Fall Festival and Nature Art Show. People often tell her that they typically do not like abstract art, but looking at her paintings makes them feel happy!


As an intuitive artist, Auclair says “although I mainly use paint brushes… my favorite tool by far are my fingers! When I get out of my thinking head and just play… that is when the magic happens.” She builds layer upon layer, and once dry, determines what is working and only then adds and subtracts colors and markings in a new layer. Some paintings come together quickly, others can take ten to twelve layers until the piece is cohesive enough to call it finished.


The library is located at 2 Court Street, Nashua. For directions and parking information go to www.nashualibrary.org/visit/directions. For other information contact Rachel at rachel.gualco@nashualibrary.org or (603) 589-4633.