Exhibit Explores Racism and Gay Rights

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“Diversity,” an international labor poster exhibit, is on display in the Image Gallery at the Nashua Public Library through June 27.

The posters explore themes of racism and gay rights, with viewpoints from 11 different nations represented. They come from a collection of more than 3,800 posters owned by labor activist Stephen Lewis. Some were contributed by friends and people Lewis has met online; others were collected at conferences and visits to the represented organizations.

This project is supported in part by IBEW Local 103, Roofers Local 33, Bricklayers Local 3, Painters DC 35, Asbestos Workers Local 6, Postal Workers Local 100, and Firemen and Oilers Local 3.

The exhibit may be viewed during normal library hours.

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Labor posters in the Image Gallery explore themes of gay rights and racism.