Hand-crafted kite exhibit

DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date.

“Artwork in Flight,” an exhibit of kites hand-crafted by Glenn Davison, will be on display in the Nashua Public Library gallery in April and May.

All the kites in the exhibit can fly. Some fly best in light, gentle winds. Some fly perfectly well without a tail. “I’ve chosen to display a variety of kites,” says Davison, “that use different styles, materials, sizes, shapes, and techniques.”

Among them are “The Flash,” with a nylon sail and carbon-fiber spars that he built to exercise his sewing skills and applique technique; “Outrage,” a traditional Japanese-style Rokkaku kite but with graphics expressing concern over the political climate and corruption in government; and “Alien Giraffe,” started as a doodle but expanded to a 7-foot character kite,  visible from more than 100 feet.

Davison says, “I enjoy building kites to amuse the viewer, attract the eye, and to be different from other kites that are seen in the sky.” He has been designing and building kites for 18 years. He travels to kite festivals, delivers kite lectures and workshops, and has written 10 books about kites.

Learn more about Davison at davisong.wixsite.com/biography.