Hoopla Streaming Service to Discontinue

After careful consideration, the Nashua Public Library will stop offering the streaming platform Hoopla to our cardholders on June 30.


Hoopla is expensive, serves a relatively small number of patrons, and generates frequent customer complaints because of its daily collective lending limit. Instead, the library is reallocating funds towards expanding our collection of ebooks and audiobooks on our other digital borrowing service, Libby.


We know this decision will disappoint our Hoopla users. However, we are the latest in a string of libraries to discontinue Hoopla due to its unsustainable lending model.


It seems counterintuitive, but ebooks cost libraries far more than physical books. Publishers also deny libraries access to many ebooks.


In the case of Hoopla, its hefty price tag is because of its cost-per-transaction business model. Hoopla charges the library every time a patron borrows an item. An item can cost up to $3. You can imagine how quickly this adds up for libraries.


This pricing model is different from physical book sales, which are regulated by a legal doctrine called first sale. When we buy physical books or movies for the collection, we own them forever, and there’s no limit to how many times they can be checked out.


Fortunately, the Libby app is both a feasible cost model for the library and a rich digital experience for ebook and audiobook users. Its pricing structure makes it easier for the library to budget effectively and ensures users can always access materials. In addition, it has excellent resources and accessibility features. NPL is also excited to invest in growing our collection of digital books in languages other than English.


For help using Libby or questions about ebooks in general, please email information@nashualibrary.org, call (603) 589-4611, or visit our Information Services desk. The library also regularly offers a “Getting Started with eBooks, featuring Libby” computer class. The next class is on Tuesday, June 6, at 2 pm.



Is there another way to access Hoopla? 

You could explore purchasing a non-resident card from another library that offers Hoopla.


Do I have to cancel or delete my account? 

You do not need to delete anything. Access to Hoopla material will lapse on June 30, 2023.


I borrowed a movie on June 29, 2023. Will I still have access to the movie beyond the June 30, 2023 cut-off date?

If you’ve checked out an item, you should still be able to access the titles once we turn everything off. Once your borrowing period is done, those titles will be returned.


But I have to wait so long for my holds on Libby!

By shifting our focus to Libby, we’ll be able to purchase more in-demand titles on Libby to meet customer demand and reduce wait time. However, it’s important to remember that the library service model has always been one of collective sharing and taking turns borrowing.


What if I can’t find what I want to read on Libby? What can I use to watch movies and TV shows like I did with Hoopla?

We encourage users to request an eBook or audiobook on Libby using our purchase suggestion form. We offer access to a collection of documentaries, feature films, Great Courses, and TV shows through Kanopy.


How can I learn more about eBook and audiobook purchasing in libraries?

Visit the American Library Association website to learn more and read the latest legislation: https://www.ala.org/advocacy/e-books.