Just starting out? Jumpstart your financial future

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Learn to budget, build credit, and save for retirement at Jumpstart Your Financial Future, a series of virtual workshops offered by the Nashua Public Library for ages 17 to 30.

The programs will help you achieve financial prosperity and independence. They are free, but registration is required to get Zoom invitations.

All workshops are presented by the Babson Financial Literacy Project in partnership with the Tewksbury Public Library. They start at 7 p.m.

For more information contact Carol at carol.eyman@nashualibrary.org or 603-589-4610.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Credit

Credit cards are convenient and can help you build your credit profile, but they can also be a trap. Learn to manage them and avoid their hidden costs.
Wednesday, March 2

Managing Your Money to Build Your Best Life

This workshop will help you learn to budget your money and start building a nest egg for your future.
Wednesday, March 16

Decisions! Decisions!

New job? You need to decide how much to put into your retirement account, which investments to choose, and which health insurance plan is best for you.
Wednesday, April 6

Protecting You and Your Assets

This workshop will help you organize and prepare for adult life, which may feel overwhelming!
Wednesday, April 20