Nashua Public Library Unveils Winning Library Card Design

Limited-edition card will be available in September during Welcoming Week


NASHUA, NH – Daniele Guest is the winner of the Nashua Public Library’s “Welcoming City” library card contest for her design that captured the essence of the community through vibrant colors and a dynamic array of hands bursting with library services.

A diverse array of hands colored in shades of purple and pink hold books, earphones, flowers, a notepad, and high five each other.


As the winning artist, Daniele receives a $1,000 prize sponsored by the Burbank Trust Fund.


“There were so many great entries submitted for this contest,” said Jennifer McCormack, Director. “The selection committee appreciated not only Daniele’s artistry but the way her design encompassed all of the many ways that our customers use their library. It is a truly lovely design and I know our customers will be excited about this special edition card,” said McCormack.


Daniele is a school librarian in Londonderry and an enthusiastic public library patron. She drew on these experiences to create a design that illustrates the library’s energy and creativity, “represented here by busy hands using all there is to offer at the library to pursue their passions.” This is especially important, she notes, because “the public library is one of the last places where anyone is welcome regardless of socioeconomic status, identity, or age.”


The competition received over 30 submissions from artists ranging from 19 to 71 years old. In partnership with Positive Street Art, the library’s selection committee narrowed down the entries to three finalists through a blind process where the names of the artists were hidden. In addition to Daniele, the committee recognized the following designs:


A diverse crowd of people stand in front of a bookcase. 2nd place finalist: II Cents

“My vision for an inclusive and welcoming city library card design emerges from the idea that book bindings symbolize the diverse fabric of our community. Each binding represents the varied backgrounds and experiences that make up our city. I believe that this inclusive and welcoming city library card design is not only a reflection of our shared values but also a catalyst for social progress and harmony.”



A bear reads a book, a bird flies away carrying a book. 3rd place finalist: Aimee Ham

“My father, who passed away in February of this year, always taught me to love learning about wildlife and, while we may not see many bears in downtown Nashua, the appreciation I feel when witnessing that wildlife is also applicable in the books I read. It is the escapism in the fiction section, the sense of discovery in the reference section, the childlike wonder during story time for kids, and every experience gained for each genre in between.”




A limited edition of 5,000 library cards featuring Daniele’s design will be available starting in September.


Anyone who lives in, works, goes to school in, or is retired from working in Nashua is eligible for a library card. It unlocks access to thousands of free books, streaming movies, online learning classes, discounted museum passes, and more.