Students need help with research projects?

DISCLAIMER: this post is older than one year and may not be up to date.

Parents and educators: Are your students struggling to find information for their research projects?

As the school year gets into gear, students tend to automatically turn to Google when they’re assigned a term paper. But what comes up in Google results may not come from reliable sources.

Try Explora

Your students can trust that the information in Nashua Public Library databases will meet their teacher’s standards. Point them to Explora on the library’s website, whereExplora logo they can search for articles, essays, primary source documents, videos, and encyclopedia entries in categories including Arts and Literature, Biography, Business and Careers, Current Events, Geography and Culture, Health,  History and Social Science, and Science and Math.

Other benefits

Other benefits Explora provides include

  • topic overviews that provide users with a starting point for research
  • text-to-speech for HTML articles, to assist struggling readers or those learning English
  • no ads or pop-up windows
  • no personal information collected
  • password-protected personal folders in which students can organize their search results
  • citation help

How to use Explora

To use Explora, click here and then scroll down to Explora Primary or Explora Student. (You’ll need a Nashua library card to use Explora, unless you’re using a library computer.)