Save $10 per ticket at Merrimack Repertory Theatre

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Merrimack Repertory Theater 2017-18 seasonNashua Public Library cardholders can get $10 off professional live performances at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell, Mass., when they use the library’s pass.

The pass entitles the holder to $10 off each of up to six tickets purchased for any performance.

The MRT 2017-2018 season starts with The Royale. from September 13 to October 8. The play is the story of Jay Jackson, the first black man ever to fight for the title of World Heavyweight Champion. Tickets to the fight are going by the tens of thousands, the press conferences are harrowing and intense—and as America gears up for the fight of a lifetime, Jackson and his colleagues greet the dawn of a new era that none of them can begin to comprehend. With power and grit, The Royale brings staggering focus to a pivotal moment in sports history.

For more information on buying discounted tickets using the library pass, click here.

Visit the Merrimack Repertory Theatre website for the entire season’s program.