Books by Mail

If you live in Nashua and meet at least one of the following criteria you are eligible for our Books by Mail program:

  1. You require large-print books and audio materials due to a physical or visual disability.
  2. You are homebound with disabilities that prevent you from visiting the library.

(If you don’t meet these criteria but are at high risk for COVID-19, please take advantage of curbside pickup.)

With the Books by Mail program you can receive books, audiobooks on CD, or magazines. On your application form, you will tell us what types of materials you like—fiction, nonfiction, mystery, romance, biography, etc. The service is free: you do not have to pay postage. We will give you more information about Books by Mail after we receive your application.

To participate, you need to complete an application, which has a section to be filled out by a medical professional. You can either:

Books by Mail
Nashua Public Library
2 Court Street
Nashua, NH 03060