Museum Passes

Reserve Museum Pass

Museum hours and admission are subject to change; please check the museum website when booking. You can find a link to it by clicking Learn More on our museum pass reservation page.

How to Borrow Passes

To borrow a pass, you must be 12 or over and have a Nashua Library card in good standing. You can reserve 1 pass per day and up to 4 per month, but you can’t reserve the same pass more than once a month.

Reserve a pass online

Go to this page and search by museum or date.

If the pass is print-on-demand (indicated by a printer icon next to its name), after you reserve it you can print it immediately or email it to yourself to print later. Printed pass must be presented at time of visit — cell phone displays are not valid. If you do not have access to a printer you may come in to the library to have the pass printed for you.

Visit the library up to one week in advance of your reservation date to pick up all other passes. Stop by the information desk or one of our curbside pickup spots. These passes can be picked up during our regular hours.

Reserve a pass by phone or in person

Call 603-589-4611 or visit the Information Desk.

Canceling a pass

Please be sure of your plans before reserving a pass.

If you must cancel, call 603-589-4611. Print-on-demand passes cannot be canceled.